### JDBC - Java Database Connectivity is not being affected by Jakarta EE, things like servlets, JMS, SOAP standards, all of thoes are migrating over to the jakarta.* (start) namespace, but not JDBC it’s part of the JDK.

JPA - Java Persistence API -

JDBC - manage a connection ,gathering data close connection and so on with database, but lacks of mapping and so on.

JDBC Template - you just give a query and dont need to manage a connection (Template pattern).

JPA - provides an object mapping facility (ORM) to relational databases.

Hibernate - default implementation of JPA, it also transle a querry written in object orienter mannder (findById) to a specific database provider, like oracle, mysql,posgresql, etc. Decoupling from the data store. But it may limited our possibiltiy to build a query we would like as it may generete not best query possilbe (based on performance) , is more complex wth joins